“LIVING” magazine

“L’ Algérie des enfants“
A miniature city inspired by the atmosphere of Algerian villages, was created in the Museum of Modern Art of Paris. Our own architect Steven Sistovaris was one of the participants.

“KATIKIA” magazine

« L’ Algérie des enfants »
……….his work on the three fold subject of child-space-game, was presented in the Museum of Modern Art of Paris and received a prize by the government of Algeria.

"THE ATHENIAN" Newspaper

“SISTOVARIS” Flag store
The elegant, recently renovated showroom, with window displays worthy of Fifth Avenue, also carries a collection of French designer fashions, just in case you have nothing to wear with your new fur.

“MESIMVRINI” Newspaper

“SISTOVARIS” Flag store
….. the light, the natural materials, the contrasts and the architectural way of thinking, render a conclusive proposal, esthetically and functionally,created by the architect Steven Sistovaris.